Because You Are Awesome At What You Do
Because You Are Awesome At What You Do
We Do Websites, So That You Won’t Have To
We Do Websites, So That You Won’t Have To
We take care of your Website, so You can do You.
We take care of your Website, so You can do You.

Why Do I need A Website?

Nowadays, everyone searches for what they want on the internet.

We would ask Siri®. We’d search on Google®.  

Not just on computers, we search for info on our iPhones® and iPads®.

If you’re a small business, and you’re not on the Internet, how can your customers find you?

Without a website, it is simply impossible for people to find your business on the internet.

Thankfully, getting a website does not have to be complicated.

Start Your Website Today!

At VarlaSites, we make website creation process as simple as possible.  

Our Starter plan starts at just $7.95/ month.  It comes with everything you will need to have a starter website.   

Getting started is really easy:

  1. Choose a Website Design – Choose from hundreds of available website templates.
  2. Choose a Website Name – Choose a unique .com that represents your business.
  3. Submit Your Business Information. – Provide your business information, what you do, where you are located, your business logo, and photos of your business.

Ready To Get Started? Click the button below to start!

Siri®, Apple iPhone, and Apple iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. Google is trademark of Google Inc.

About VarlaSites

About VarlaSites

Who Are We?

VarlaSites is a website service company, dedicated in empowering growing businesses.

As a small business ourselves, we know that small business is anything but small. We can use all the help we can get.

Websites are what we do, and it is our goal to create a perfect website for you, so that you can focus on your business.

Plans as Simple as 1-2-3

Our Starter lite plan is perfect for starting businesses. When you’re ready to grow, switch over to Grow, our second plan. But if you’re ready to sell your products/services online, go with number 3: E-Commerce

All of our websites are driven by WordPress, a proven platform for websites. With hundreds of ready made templates and themes, for any type of business / service.

What are you waiting for? Start your website today!

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